Rate List

In an endeavor to protect the rights of customers as well as the shop keepers and maintain a steady price across the state, the association comes up with a price list (which is generated by the member’s opinion) and expects the members to adhere to the same.

S.No Articles Rate (Rs.) S.No Articles Rate (Rs.)
1 Suit (Gents) 300/- 24 Shawl ( Pashmina / Toosh) 300-450/-
2 Suit Gents Branded 400/- Onward 25 Loi 150/-200
3 Suit Gents 3 Pcs 400/- 26 Lady Suit (Silk Plain) 150/- Onward
4 Safari Suit 200/- 27 Lady Suit (Emb & Tilla) 180-300/-
5 Coat (Gents) 200/- 28 Lady Suit (Woollen) 200-250/-
6 Pant 100/- 29 Dupatta 70-100/- Onwards
7 Pant(Jeans & Corduroys) 120- 30 Dupatta (Emb) 80-120/-
8 Wasket 120/- Onward 31 Saree (Plain) 180-250/-
9 Gown 220/- Onward 32 Saree (Emb.) 200-300/-
10 Over Coat 300/- Onward 33 Saree (Tilla & Zari) 250/- Onward
11 Pullover (Simple) 110/- 34 Blouse 60-80/-
12 Pullover (Branded) 120/- Onward 35 Jacket 180/- Onward
13 Cardigan Long 120/- 36 Leather Jacket 500/- Onward
14 Sweater (S.L) 100/- 37 Baby Coat 90-150/-
15 T-Shirt 70-90/- 38 Baby Paint 60-80/-
16 Shirt 80-100/- 39 Skirt 100/- Onward
17 Shirt (Woollen) 120/- 40 Lady Suit Finishing 80-100/-
18 Blanket (Single) 220/- 41 Saree Finishing 80-100/-
19 Blanket (Double Bed) 400/- 42 Suit Press (Gents) 100-150/- Onward
20 Blanket (Double Ply) 450/- 43 Saree Charakh 60-100
21 Achkan 300-500
22 Tie 40/-
23 Shawl (Plain) 110-140/-
Note: These are the Charges for some items we process, for detail please visit our nearest outlet. Rates Can be changed any time without notice.

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Terms of Business

      Every caution is exercised in handling goods entrusted to us for processing to entire satisfaction of our esteemed Customers, But :-

1.   The  firm shall incure  no liability in respect of any Loss,Damage, shrinkage to whole or part of article during the process of cleaning or dying due to fugitive colours, defective manufacturing/ decorations,moth-eaten stains, defects/stains due to  normal use or any other defects becoming appearent during processing.  Every job is undertaken only at Customer’s risk.

2.   By M.T.O./ Perc, only oil, grease and dust stains are removed. Water soluble stains such as sweat, sugar, milk, Tea-Coffee etc are removed by chemicals washing with detergents & chemicals etc. so the firm reserve the right of chemical wash.

3.   No liability is excepted  if stains fugative colours, decoration, worn clothes react with M.T.O./ Perc, detergents or chemicals and clothes get damaged in process of cleaning or dying.

4.   In case of loss for which the firm accepts the liability, the firm will have the option of either repairing or paying five to ten times of the cleaning charges or 25% of the cost which ever is less.

5.   Every effort is made for in time delivery, but no responsibility for late delivery due to unavoidable circumstances. No responsibility of garment after 30 days & after that 10% storage charges will be charged.

6.   Practically it is not always possible to check cuts, holes, scratches or stains etc. at the time of booking of clothes etc. if any defect become appearnt during the time of process, the remarks of work-in-charge will be final & legally binding on the customer.

7.   No liability is accepted  for loss or damage due to burglary theft, larceny riot, fire or any other natural calamity.

8.   No guarantee for fast colour or damage to decoration/ embroidery etc. in the process of dying  clothes.

9.   Although every effort is made to match any particular shade of dye, but this can’t be guaranteed.

10.  Fancy & silky  items are undertaken for cleaning at 100% risk of customers only.

11. We accept no liability, for breakage of buttons, if any hole/damage occurs during process to Dupattas, Sarees or any other item.

12. The firm is niether manufacturing nor selling  we just clean used & old clothes we are not responsible for the workmanship of others. We just clean/ remove stains etc. according to best of our capability.So, no claim can be made before consumer fourm for any damage during the process.

13. No agent or employee of the firm has any authority to alter in any way the above mentioned terms & conditions.

14. No Hangers or packing materials will be provided.

15. Delievery/Collection at  alternate days.

16. Rates for urgent services will be double.

17. Payment should be made within 15 days after that 5% late payment charges will be charged.

18. Two cheques duly signed are required as security.

19. Collecting, tagging and distributing the garments is not undertaken by us.